Dorothy Waide Baby Consultant - Baby Help

I absolutely love the Totally Devoted Cookies and recommend them to all of my clients pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are delicious and perfect to have in the car or pop in your bag for when you are out and about. I love that they contain a selection of natural herbs and wholesome ingredients that make them both delicious and nourishing for all of the family.

Sarrah Carmody

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! After a few days of low flow, I purchased the lactation cookies and have had nothing but over flow since munching down. I literally ate the whole bag in less than 3 days - helps that they have a purpose as well as being totally delicious!” #Mumwithveryhappybabyboy 

Glenda Currall-Del Grosso

“Am loving your product - thank you for producing these delicious and healthy cookies - no guilt attached when you eat - we opened a box last night and they were gone within the hour!!” 

Ariel Slavin

“Just a note to say a HUGE thanks! Your feeding cookies have made a real and significant effect on my supply and, what's more, they are DELICIOUS! I have noticed that even my (non-BFing) visitors have preferred them to TimTams!! The Australian distributor is great too - arrived the day after I ordered them.” 

Kate G. (Dietician)

“Your lactation cookies tasted great! Not too sweet, but a nice treat which was easy to eat 3 a day without feeling sickly. I’ve had a noticeable difference in milk supply after only one week!” 

Debbie, Lactation Consultant, Go With the Flow Parenting

“The feedback I have had after only one biscuit has been amazing. Today after one biscuit at 10 am, I had a customer contact me at 2 pm saying she had just fed her baby from one breast and satisfied him with one breast for the first time ever. I have always had such positive feedback, one mother had to limit consumption to one every second day so her supply could settle down after taking biscuits x3 times a day. They actually taste so yummy as well that it is difficult to limit consumption. I would recommend these biscuits even over homemade ones for how well they work and their taste and affordability.” 


“Thanks for making such amazingly delicious cookies with ingredients ...that I can pronounce :) also love the new individual wrapped cookies so much easier when just wanting a treat but not wanting to open the entire packet. Thank you!” 

Suzi Middleton

“Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you, I've been pretty sick with bronchitis, a sinus infection and tonsillitis - the first few days of being sick my supply started to drop but I remembered I had some feeding cookies in the cupboard - one or two each afternoon has helped my supply and gives me energy to get through the afternoon with two little ones! Thanks again”

Rachael Parker

For me totally devoted feeding cookies are a convenient and easy way for me to ensure my baby is getting enough milk. As a first time mother nothing could have prepared me for how hard breastfeeding would be.  There's so much to think about already and I always worry about the quality and quantity of the milk I'm giving my baby- after all a full belly equals a happy baby!  Feeding cookies helped take away this worry and it also helps that they are so tasty!! Everyone says after you give birth it takes a few days for your milk to fully come through and I've heard horrible stories of mothers with crying hungry babies.  I was given feeding cookies as a gift and I've eaten them ever since.  I started eating them straight after my daughter was born and I'm telling you my milk fully came through in under 3 days!!  My daughter has consistently put on weight each week and because my milk flows so well now she's also become an efficient feeder.  Furthermore, I've never had to 'top up' her feeds with formula, she's been exclusively Breastfeed this entire time as I've consistently had enough milk to satisfy her hunger. It's hard looking after your own wellbeing when you are so busy looking after baby, so grabbing something as simple as a cookie kills two birds with one stone! I would totally recommend feeding cookies to all mothers - they've kept mine and my babies belly full :)


Hi Guys, I just wanted to message to say thank you so much for creating such a fantastic product! My baby girl is 9 weeks old, and we've just hit another growth spurt which means I'm constantly feeding, and my breasts were feeling a bit deflated. I also work one day a week, and express milk for her, which has been a bit average. i decided to give your feeding cookies a go, and am stoked with the difference! I've gone from expressing  50-60ml with her on the other side, to 100ml just now. and the quality of my milk looks amazing! Much more hind milk than fore milk. Thank you so much! I'll be making these a staple in my cupboard - bonus that they are dairy free as my 3 year old is allergic, and I'm having to avoid it for my 9 week old upset yummy. Keep up the good work. 


Cant get enough. These cookies are fantastic. Very delicious, individual packaging so easy to pop in your handbag. I work part time and since having these cookies it has been so much easier to express and less stressful! I am so glad I found these yummy and benefiting cookies!! just ordered my second lot, yay!


I've gifted packs of these lovely cookies to friends of mine both whom were feeding little precious bundles of joy. They both really loved the cookies and found it hard to stop just after one. I will continue to order surprise feeding cookies for my friends each time a bundle of joy comes along. They really apreciate the surprise treat


"Very happy and quite surprised how quick they worked! I stopped them after one day and I have milk overload flowing out too quick for my baby


These are the best tasting (breastfeeding support) biscuits I've tried. The taste is really nice and its hard to stop at the recommended amount. I'll be ordering more for sure.