Allergy Friendly Cookies

Allergy Friendly Cookies

I get asked almost weekly why I don't use brewers yeast in my cookies as it is known as a galactagogue (milk making ingredient) and most other lactation cookies include it. When creating my original Feeding cookie back in 2012 it was an ingredient high up on my list to use. However when I discussed at length the ingredients I should use with Natasha Berman from Allergenics she highly advised me against it. She mentioned that in the allergy testing they do for infants, brewers yeast came back nearly 80% of the time along with mixed candida. Nearly all of the babies tested had digestive issues, bloating, pain and eczema. Yeast encourages the growth of Candida albicans - which is a species of yeast that is a normal part of the digestive flora. This can cause an imbalance in the digestive flora leading to digestive and skin problems. 

Since I had originally created these cookies for my daughter who suffered bad eczema the last thing I wanted to add was an ingredient that could actually cause it. Totally Devoted cookies were created with the lowest allergen ingredients possible so everyone can enjoy them. 

Brewers yeast can cause gas, diarrhoea, abdominal upset and symptoms of colic when receiving it through mother's breast milk. Women often have underlying yeasty problems which can cause thrush on the nipples, which then gets passed though into babies mouth causing much anguish for both mother and baby. It creates a seemingly endless cycle of treating both mother’s nipples and the babies mouth and unless both heal at the same time the cycle continues. 

The Yummy Mummy Food co have written an informative piece on the link between brewers yeast and yeasty problems and signs to look out for.

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Vitamin B and chromium are one of the positives found in brewers yeast but luckily you can find it in many other food sources such as dark green leafy vegetables, fish, poultry, meat eggs and dairy. We highly recommend you utilise these other sources over brewers yeast. 

We are very lucky our friends at Allergenics have offered Totally Devoted fans a $20 of voucher to use on any of their effective and reliable hair tests. 

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