Bone Broth goodness

Bone broths can be classed as a superfood and the list of possible benefits from consuming them is huge. They are filled with essential nutrients and are super soothing. They are wonderfully rich in protein, specifically gelatin and contain trace minerals like calcium and phosphorus.





The gelatin found in bone broths may support skin health. If you or your child suffers

from eczema you should try the simple addition of broth in your diet. Gelatin has also been linked to

support digestive health.


Broths are extremely easy to make at home but if you just can’t find the time I recommend this

brand in NZ as they are made with organic ingredients.

You really don't want to make your broth from a non-organic/free range chicken as it will contain

many nasties such as antibiotics and hormones.


Once a week I make roast chicken then use the leftover carcass to make a broth for the week. I keep

it stored in the fridge and use as a base for soup but I also replace water when cooking rice and

pasta to add a more nutrient dense factor to the family meals. Some children love it on its own and if

you are lucky enough to have one of these kids then the healing benefits for their tummies is second

to none. If like me you have a fussy child who screws up their nose and won’t even let it near their

lips then Bamboo Bubby have written some great tips in this blog: how-to- get-your- eczema-kids- to-eat- it/




Bone broths are found in culinary traditions throughout the world. In New Zealand we have the traditional Maori Boil up.  When your mum used to say  "chicken soup for your soul" it turns out she knew what she was talking about.  We can learn a lot by going back to traditional cooking. It’s one of those wonderful old traditions that we instinctively make chicken soup for people when they are unwell. As the carcass cooks in water and by adding apple cider vinegar to draw the goodness from the bones, we create a number of healing benefits. The natural gelatin, collagen, calcium and magnesium are easily assimilated by the body and can heal the stomach and soothe digestion. It’s also great for skin, nails, hair and teeth.






Garlic (unpeeled)


Celery (including leafy tops)




Bay Leaf


Fresh Parsley


Fresh Thyme


Chicken Carcas (must be free range)


Tablesppon Apple Cider Vinegar


Place all ingredients in a slow cooker and cover with water. Cover with lid and leave overnight on the high setting. In the morning you will have a wonderful nutrient-rich broth to enjoy for the week.

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